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Product Name: furfuryl alcohol
Product Type: Organic Chemicals and Derivatives -> Phenol compounds
Product spec: 98.5min
Post Time: 2018-07-31
Description: furfuryl alcohol other names: furfuralcohol,2-furancarbinol appearance: Colorless to light yellow color, transparent liquid molecular formula: C5H6O2 molecular weight: 98.10 CAS NO.: 98-00-0 UN NO.: 2874 Hazard level: 6.1 Application: 1. Furfuryl alcohol is an important organic chemical raw material. mainly used to produce various furan resins, furfuryl alcohol resins and phenol resins used in foundry industry. Tetrahydro furfuryl alcohol can be produced via hydrogenation 2. furfuryl alcohol is also a good solvent for varnish and pigments, as well as a rocket fuel. 3. Furfuryl alcohol can further be used for the production of synthesizing fibers, rubber, agrochemicals and in casting. packing: 1. 240kg or 250kg iron drum 2. ISO tank 3. IBC drum
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