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Product Name: furfural
Product Type: Petroleum Chemical Industry -> Others
Product spec: 99min
Post Time: 2018-07-31
Description: furfural other names: 2-furanurmethyl alcohol appearance: transpatent liquid with light yellow color to amber color molecular formula: C5H4O2 molecular weight: 96.08 CAS NO.: 98-01-1 UN NO.: 1199 Hazard level: 6.1 Application: 1. furfural is a raw material used in organic synthesis, and is predominantly used in the refining of lubricating oil. 2. for the production of furfuryl alcohol by hydrogenation. 3. Furfural can also be used to produce medicines, veterinary medicine, furan resin, furfuryl alcohol resin, and furfural-acetone resin.
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